Books & References

Eat Fat, Lose Fat – Sally Fallon

No more ADHD, No more Ritalin – Dr. Mary Ann Block
Sanctity of Human Blood, Vaccination is not Immunization – Tim O’Shea
Superimmunity for kids – Leo Galland, MD

Vaccines, Autism, and childhood disorders – Neil z. Miller
Vaccines: Are they really safe and effective? – Neil Z. Miller
For Tommorrow’s children, preconception care, inc
Feed your kids well – Fred Pescatore, MD

The fluoride deception – Christopher Bryson
Uninformed Consent – Hal Higgins, DDS
The Hundred-year Lie – Randall Fitzgerald
Rethinking Pasteur’s Germ theory – Nancy Appleton

Coconut Cures – Bruce Fife, ND
Health vs. Disease – Melvin Page, DDS
Iodine – why you need it and why you can’t live without it – David Brownstein

Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon
Pasture Perfect – Jo Robinson
Dr. Mercola’s total health cookbook & program
Food is your best medicine – Henry Bieler, MD

Seeds of Deception – Jeffrey Smith
Food and Behavior – Barbara Reed Stitt
The Untold story of milk – Ron Schmid, ND

Going back to the basics of human health – Mary Frost
Pottenger’s cat – Francis Pottenger, MD

Traditional foods are your best medicine – Ron Schmid, ND
The real truth about vitamins and antioxidants – Judith Decava
Empty Harvest – Bernard Jensen, DC and Mark Anderson

Lick the sugar habit – Nancy Appleton
Beating the food giants – Paul Stitt
Choose your foods – Dr. Colleen Huber, ND
Enzyme Nutrition – Dr. Edward Howell
Fight for your health – Byron Richards
The cholesterol myth – Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD
Good-bye germ theory – William Trebing

The whole soy story – Kaayla Daniel
How to raise a healthy child…in spite of your doctor – Robert Mendelsohn, MD
Feed your kids well – Fred Pescatore, MD
Real Food – Nina Planck

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