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How do I differ from  a nutritionist or medical doctor?

I differ from both in that I believe that nature is the ultimate guide.  I, with YOUR help, remove the obstacles and facilitate the body’s own natural inclination to heal itself.  I have far more extensive knowledge (from school and otherwise) as compared to a nutritionist and have more clinical experience.  I worked for many years as a personal trainer and have extensive knowledge in Applied Kinesiology.  As for a medical doctor, I have many more hours in the classroom and understand the dynamic and safety of most herbs and supplements in relation to pharmaceutical drugs.  I have the same classic science and diagnostic training as a medical doctor, but many more nutrition, herbal, and physiology training hours.  I know how to weed through the misconceptions of health and do not sell the idea of propaganda infused nutrition.

"Let us learn and practice what we instinctively know to be a fact; namely that the present-day generation and misery of the human race cannot be alleviated by laws and regulations, by loans and covenants, but improvement must come from within ourselves; it must come through a complete rebirth; through mental attitude, different conception and conduct of life; through return of naturalness, true religion, simplicity, frugality, economy and joyous renunciation; through up-building and uplifting; through honesty and tolerance; through purposeful strengthening of body, mind and soul, so that we will again feel throbbing life within us, strong and powerful, enabling us to again enjoy life, nature, family life, art, book, picture and song, and to bear bravely whatever pains and vicissitudes life holds in store for us."                                                                         


-Father of Naturopathy, Dr. Benedict Lust 1925

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